The Garrett Pressley Autism Resource Center

"Every child is a gift that brings out the Best in All of Us"




The Mission of the Garrett Pressley Autism Resource Center is to enhance and benefit the lives of Autistic children ages thirteen to adulthood by providing a range of comprehensive services that will address their recreational, educational, social and economical circumstances.



 The Garrett Pressley Autism Resource Center, also known as GPARC is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded and operated  by Deborah Smith-Pressley and Clayton Pressley, the parents of  Garrett Pressley. They understand and are committed to serving and meeting the needs of families living in the Greater Boston area and  other surrounding communities.

Application for membership to GPARC is $15.00 individual and $25.00 for family.  Please contact the home office at 617-216-1676 and fax 617-296-6400.

The S.A.S.S.Y Program Fee for the 6-8 week sessions are $30.00.


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